Cooperation DCA-Markets and Dacom Farm Intelligence

DCA and Dacom will work closely together in the field of benchmarking and intelligent farming. It has been agreed to jointly investigate the possibilities for making benchmarks.

This by developing indices for the area of a certain product; wheat, for example, or fodder maize or seed potatoes. But also on which surface this product grows and in which regional area, for example. The development of the crop during the season can also be monitored with satellite data.

By storing all this data (retroactively) you can compare by creating benchmarks.

For the state of the crop this would mean that you get an impression of whether it is possible to harvest sooner or later. Or that the expected yield in euros or volume is higher or lower than the average in the recent e.g. five years. But you can also choose a comparable year as a benchmark. So compare the state of the crop with a year that, in terms of conditions, is very similar to the current season. When there was also a cold winter and a wet spring, for example.

Other data could also be added to this system at a later stage. Such as data about planting time, disease pressure, drought / irrigation, sensor data, substance use, etc.

In this way, farmers are increasingly able to monitor, control and optimize their results, also in relation to others.

The lessons from this can be shared within communities (cooperatives, for example). This way you can learn with and from each other. This ultimately improves risk and return per farmer and that of the community.

Dacom and DCA-Markets both have the objective to bring intelligent farming and market data to the market and have therefore found each other on this point.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or are you as a cooperative interested in developing these kinds of insights by and for your members? Please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by calling 0646265874 or by emailing