Consultation on specifications for dairy quotations completed

At the end of April, DCA-Markets proposed to adjust the specifications for a number of dairy quotations. This concerns the rounding to five (5) euros per ton. This has been presented to the market by means of a consultation note. The response was positive.

As a result, as of June 2020, dairy quotations listed below will actually be rounded to five euros. Starting with the quotations of Thursday, June 4, 2020. It is important to know that DCA-Markets will continue to publish the price range, the number of observations and the not rounded average, next to the quotation that is rounded to five euro.


DCA-Quotation Fresh Lactic Butter


DCA-Quotation Edam Foil Cheese

DCA-Quotation Gouda Foil Cheese

DCA-Quotation mozzarella Cheese

DCA-Quotation Cheddar Curd & Mild


DCA-Quotation Cream

DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Concentrate


DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Powder Feed

DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Powder Food

DCA-Quotation Sweet Whey Powder Feed

DCA-Quotation Sweet Whey Powder Food

DCA-Quotation Whole Milk Powder

Regarding the price range and the number of observations, it is important to know that these are the numbers after eliminating prices that deviate more than 5% from the original average of all prices received.

The specifications of the products that DCA-Markets lists have been drawn up in order to 'capture' the bulk of the market in that product as precisely and completely as possible. Items that have been laid down are delivery conditions, quality and an exact price description. This way, everyone knows exactly which product the listing applies to and can use their own additions or discounts in his or her benchmarking.

Continuously monitoring developments in this area is very important for DCA-Markets. Suggestions are therefore welcome and DCA-Markets is always open to a discussion about its methodology and the products it notes. Developing new markets and products is one of the objectives to be even more relevant in these markets.

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