Consultation: Adjustment DCA-Quotations

DCA-Markets intends to make the following adjustments to the DCA-Markings system. Which means that as of 1 June 2020, the text in bold  below is added:

DCA-Markets reserves the right to not publish a Reference price value or publish a Reference price value at a later time, for a different period and/or as a preliminary price in the event of calamities. This includes, but is not limited to, a power outage, network problems, communication problems, terrorist attacks, or other events that disrupt the processes of DCA-Markets but also distortions of the market underlying the Reference price. DCA markets will further explain such a decision and the consequences.

The introduction will also state that the Dutch version of the methodology is leading.

Also per 1 June 2020, the prices per ton for all dairy quotations will be rounded to five euros. These prices were previously rounded to one euro. This applies to the following Reference prices (quotations):


DCA-Quotation Fresh Lactic Butter


DCA-Quotation Edam Foil Cheese

DCA-Quotation Gouda Foil Cheese

DCA-Quotation mozzarella Cheese

DCA-Quotation Cheddar Curd & Mild


DCA-Quotation Cream

DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Concentrate


DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Powder Feed

DCA-Quotation Skimmed Milk Powder Food

DCA-Quotation Sweet Whey Powder Feed

DCA-Quotation Sweet Whey Powder Food

DCA-Quotation Whole Milk Powder


The proposed adjustments are hereby offered to the market for consultation. Reactions to this consultation document can be sent by e-mail to: until May 28, 2020, stating "Consultation on adjustments to dairy quotations in May 2020".