DCA-Markets agricultural indices offer insight in farm yield

Since 2016, DCA-Markets calculates various sector indices that represent the return in the sector. The Arable Farming Index was the first index calculated by DCA-Markets. For a standardized arable farm, the yield is calculated by multiplying the yield per hectare of potatoes, grain, sugar beet and onions by the market price of that period. The base year is 2004.

In the DCA-Markets dairy cattle index, in addition to yields, translated into yield butter, skimmed milk powder and slaughter prices, the costs for calving, concentrates and roughage and manure are also calculated in order to achieve a yield that is compared with the yield over the past ten years.

The same is done with the pig index. Revenues (DCA Stock price multiplied by carcass weight) are set off against costs at market values for the piglets, feed and manure. The yield of the piglets index is the number of piglets times the DCA BestpigletPrice plus the yield for slaughter sows. The costs in this model consist of feed.

The indices thus provide a global but very clear picture of how the return on a standard farm develops. And thus offers the opportunity to compare over time and to see how a company performs against the benchmark. But also within the chain, it is possible to look at how these results compare with the results further down the chain to see how more or less revenues are distributed.

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