DCA-Markets-PRA Price Reporting Agent

As DCA-Markets-Price Reporting Agency (PRA) we report on and bring transparency to agricultural commodity markets. With this we objectively provide transparency, benchmarking and the possibility to price commodity positions and trades to the markets We put together important quotations on the basis of transaction data that we request from key players. The making of a DCA listing goes according to a fixed protocol, which is based on the latest EU regulations.

As a result, everybody knows exactly which product is involved, what specifications are used and how the quotations come about. This transparency and accountability increase reliability and thus the importance of all our quotations. This is important because our quotations are increasingly used as a reference price.

Since 2005 we administrate a large number of successful reference prices among which:

  • DCA Pigs and Piglets
  • DCA Manure e.g. beef, pig, chicken
  • DCA Phosphate Rights
  • DCA Dairy, e.g. milk, cheese, butter, powders, cream
  • PAT-Index French fries’ suitable potatoes
  • DCA Potato spot and forward
  • DCA Onions spot and forward
DCA Quotations are:
  • Transparent
  • Independent
  • Checked
  • A good reflection of the marke
  • A good basis to benchmark and mutually offset

It is our ambition to introduce new quotations for and with the sector in the short term.

Custom made Cockpit

With our Dataview system we offer you the possibility to unlock all your data in one view: Your own personal cockpit.

Dataview collects and aggregates own data like stock data for example and third party (propriety) data like market prices, benchmarks, etc. Giving you insight and control over all your decision support information.

Are you interested to learn how we as DCA-Markets can help you with the above? Please contact us.

Customers and users of our listings include: